Top 10 Bachelor of Nursing (RN to BSN) Degree Programs

Top 10 Bachelor of Nursing (RN to BSN) Degree ProgramsNursing schools today have become more competitive, offering more comprehensive nursing degree programs that prepare students to become well-equipped healthcare professionals. Although they are licensed registered nurses, associate degree program holders can further their knowledge by taking up degree programs that lead to a bachelor degree in nursing. The choice of school is crucial and we have a list to name a few of the note worthy nursing schools in the US.

Top 1: Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR

OHSU is known for their programs on medicine, dentistry and nursing. With a well-recognized nursing program, the school offers undergraduate, graduate and even doctoral degrees.

Top 2: University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA

UPenn is a private Ivy League university with strong health-related programs including nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine, biomedical engineering and health management courses. The school offers a range of post master study topics like pediatric oncology, nurse anesthesia and many others. They also have a well-funded research program as it ranks 1st on funding from the National Institute of Health.

Top 3: University of CaliforniaLos Angeles

The UCLA healthcare program on nursing focuses not only on academic education and theories but also in research and practice. The school is goaled to provide continuous nursing advancements while preparing their students to tackle more complex nursing responsibilities.

Top 4: Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA

Boston College, a private research university, houses the Connell School of nursing with excellent undergraduate and graduate programs. The school was also named as one of “America’s Best Colleges” by Forbes.

Top 5: Duke University in Durham, NC

Duke University offers both medicine and nursing degree programs, thus creating the Duke University Health System. This school of nursing offers both Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing. Doctorate in Nursing Program (DNP) and Ph.D. is also popular nursing pathways.

Online nursing degree programs are also good choices for those who want to receive a BSN degree without the trouble of attending a typical classroom setting. This kind of studying method is helpful mostly to those who are currently employed who cannot take prolonged leave or to those with family responsibilities. BSN degree is relevant to registered nurses especially to those who are goaled to administrative, teaching or research positions. This both prepares them for the harder work and adds to their qualifications. We added some of the best online programs available in the US.

Top 6: Sacred Heart University Online

Sacred Heart University offers a note worthy RN to BSN program that advances their students professionally preparing them for leadership positions.

Top 7: Florida Hospital College of Health Science

Florida Hospital College boasts of its affordable BSN program of $315 per credit hour only as compared to other online programs with fee ranging from $500 to $700 per credit hour. Their program may be completed in 1 ½ to 2 years of uninterrupted study.

Top 8: Seton Hall University Online

Seton Hall University is a catholic university offering a unique BSN program with only two visits needed for the entire duration of the program.

Top 9: University of Kansas Online

The University of Kansas offers to continue education through their various online programs. They are known for their flexible nursing program as well as for their affordable price.

Top 10: University of Illinois at Chicago Online

The University of Illinois online boasts of its top-ranked nursing program. There is no need for campus visits, clinical requirement may be done on their respective regions.

There are many other online programs to consider that provides a bachelor of nursing degree. Whether we opt for this kind or otherwise choose the regular classroom setting, it’s important to pick one that would address your needs.

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